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Stellar shooting by Hurst's Pratapas

This week’s Athlete of the Week is men’s basketball’s Trystan Pratapas, a junior Marketing major. Since he transferred from Keiser University in West Palm Beach, Florida, this year, he has made some news. “The season has been good,” said Pratapas. “W...

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Hats off to Nicol for a stellar career

PETALING JAYA: When you are a beloved sports legend like Datuk Nicol David – revered the world over as the greatest female squash player of all time – news of your retirement after a 20-year career will be met with no small amount of respect and fanf...

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Here and Now: Stellar Heli-Skiing

Sandra Lahnsteiner, Henrik Windstedt and videographer/follow-cam genius, Alexander Rydén, were invited to produce a video clip for Stellar Heli-Skiing in Kaslo, British Columbia, and I was lucky enough to be able to join the te...

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Stellar Price Changed by 8.66 percent

As at 2019-02-19 average Stellar price is 0.09065363 USD, 0.00002277 BTC, 0.00061700 ETH. Stellar average change within 24 hour is 8.66 against USD, 6.8 against BTC, 7.39 against ETH. Weekly report: 14.74 against USD, 5.17 against BTC, -4.2 a...